Friday, March 11, 2005

Snippets from the Buttmansion abode

Yeah, I haven't posted in a while. I've been feeling like my sperm... lacking in motility. Busy, depressed, busy and not feeling like posting much.

Akeeyu was in the kitchen making cookies and I was petting our cat, T'loo, getting in some good petting time with her.

Me: Oh, she's a cute pussy! She is.
Akeeyu: Did you just say she's cheap!?!
Me: (repeating myself)
Akeeyu: Oh.
Me (as T'loo): Actually, I am cheap. I'm a little slut, a whooore. I am a floozy kitty!
Akeeyu: That didn't even sound like her.
Me: Meow?

A couple minutes after a... discussion.
Me: Are you coming back in here, or did you want to argue a little more?
Akeeyu: Well. I won that one, right?
Me: Yup.
Akeeyu: Okay. I'll be right in.

Akeeyu in the bathroom, as she's getting ready for work.
Akeeyu: ... That's why my forehead's been so shiny lately.
Me: (To REM's annoyingly, unforgettable song) Shiiiiiiiiiny Unhappy People everywhere...
Akeeyu: What?
Me: Shiny Unhappy people everywhere...
Akeeyu: I hate you.

Of course, that stupid song was stuck in my head all morning after that.

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