Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Catenema.com: Do NOT Try This at Home!

Catenema.com: Do NOT Try This at Home!

This just about gave Akeeyu an asthma attack.

Akeeyu (reading over my shoulder): Actually it did... Where's my inhaler?

How do you find this shit?
LOL... I follow dozens of blogs about tech. In between a post on "Why do Microsoft code samples tend to use ZeroMemory instead of { 0 }?"and "Why isn't Windows Setup just a disk reimage plus a registry dump?", there was this post:


referencing DrinkAtWork's blog. And, one of the posts on the DrinkAtWork blog, is a link to the Catenema.com site. The DrinkAtWork couple apparently had to do something similar with their cat, having to give their poor kitty 2 enemas a week.
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