Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fertitily Fun at the Supermarket

So, Akeeyu and I were at the supermarket, picking up some vegetable oil for dinner. The last time we went shopping for vegetable oil, we were looking for a lubricant that wouldn't impact our chances of conceiving. We settled on an Organic Canola Oil for that task. This time, we were just using it in our FryDaddy. If you were in the supermarket near us, you'd have had the pleasure of overhearing this exchange:

Akeeyu: "What kind do you think we need? Peanut? Canola?"
Sam: "Alton Brown says Peanut Oil for frying."
Akeeyu: "Ahh... (in that "Good god, did he bring up Alton Brown again?" tone)
Sam: "Hey... Organic Peanut Oil. Should we get the organic stuff?"
Akeeyu: (Loudly and slightly exasperated) "Jeez, Sam, we're cooking with it, not fucking with it!"

Ahh... Good times!

Lol! And for the record, if AB says you need peanut, then peanut it is.
Glad to see you back!!

-infertile gourmet
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