Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kinda like CatBlogging

Am I a catblogger, if I link to someone else's catblogging? And, um... It's fertility related because there's a chart comparing the benefits of a kitten, puppy, baby and new video card... Yeah! That's it.

I have a cat that likes to shower with us. Looks just like the Turkish Van picture.
My cat has only 3 legs and can't strain so well, plus she's very furry so... Sometimes she eats srings in order to chuck up furballs, and said strings do not get expelled all the way thereby keeping the poop roll hanging there, literally. She then tries to lick it off and becomes disgusted and flees. Since she's dragging it along i then get to come home and follow the skid marks and wipe it all. Then I get to hunt for cat to clean her up. Then I have a good quiet puke session. No, this last bit isn't true.

I can spell Poop Cake Recipe in my sleep.

And Jenn, THAT is hilarious!
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