Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Daily Show

So, I'm a bit of a TiVo fan. If you mention to the word in passing to me in a casual conversation, my eyes light up, my gestures get broader and frenzied. And, then I try to convert you. As if getting just one more person to use TiVo is the only thing that would save my life. If I won the lottery, I'd keep a stack of TiVos in my limo just to hand out to people I met.

Since I'm not a bajillionaire, that means I just tell victi... coworkers, friends and strangers who don't move fast enough about why I love my TiVo. The reason that seems to resonate with folks my age... "The Daily Show". Yes. I don't miss a single episode of the Daily Show. Or Robot Chicken. Or CSI. Or Good Eats. All recorded and waiting for me to watch when I am ready and able to sit in front of the TV.

On my TiVo right now... Daily Show, Robot Chicken (the whole season of 15 minute shows), Good Eats, Law & Order: SVU reruns, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Airline, Sell This House, Home Movies, Battlestar Gallactica, Dead Zone and a couple other shows. Mostly cable, even more than normal since the networks aren't showing new episodes of CSI, the Amazing Race and Law & Order: SVU. Since I've been really busy the last 4-5 days, there's some good shows waiting patiently for me.

Oops... Almost forgot. What sparked this post was this: Daily Show Clips. I've seen the clips individually out there, but this is where they are officially posted by Comedy Central. Now I can send some of the better bits of the Daily Show to my non-TiVo owning friends. That reminds me, I need to have a talk with them about why they need to get a TiVo...

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