Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Become the TiVo Ambassador | PVRblog

Become the TiVo Ambassador | PVRblog: "Become the TiVo Ambassador"

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Daily Show

So, I'm a bit of a TiVo fan. If you mention to the word in passing to me in a casual conversation, my eyes light up, my gestures get broader and frenzied. And, then I try to convert you. As if getting just one more person to use TiVo is the only thing that would save my life. If I won the lottery, I'd keep a stack of TiVos in my limo just to hand out to people I met.

Since I'm not a bajillionaire, that means I just tell victi... coworkers, friends and strangers who don't move fast enough about why I love my TiVo. The reason that seems to resonate with folks my age... "The Daily Show". Yes. I don't miss a single episode of the Daily Show. Or Robot Chicken. Or CSI. Or Good Eats. All recorded and waiting for me to watch when I am ready and able to sit in front of the TV.

On my TiVo right now... Daily Show, Robot Chicken (the whole season of 15 minute shows), Good Eats, Law & Order: SVU reruns, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Airline, Sell This House, Home Movies, Battlestar Gallactica, Dead Zone and a couple other shows. Mostly cable, even more than normal since the networks aren't showing new episodes of CSI, the Amazing Race and Law & Order: SVU. Since I've been really busy the last 4-5 days, there's some good shows waiting patiently for me.

Oops... Almost forgot. What sparked this post was this: Daily Show Clips. I've seen the clips individually out there, but this is where they are officially posted by Comedy Central. Now I can send some of the better bits of the Daily Show to my non-TiVo owning friends. That reminds me, I need to have a talk with them about why they need to get a TiVo...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Oooh... Google Maps just got better

I'm really happy with Google Maps (in case my last post didn't mention it). However, they just freakin' made me even happier!

Hybrid mode!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I spy with my little... spy satellite

Yet another infertility-unrelated post. Ah, well.

Ahh, the joys of overhead (satellite or aerial) photos! Years ago, I visited Microsoft's TerraServer, but nowadays I tend to play with Google Maps instead. It's nice to be able to map out directions, and then see the path you're taking drawn against a satellite image by clicking the Satellite button in the upper right corner. And, I like being able to click on the map/picture and drag it around.

Ah, and here's another good reason to be happy about Google Maps: Google Sightseeing! Especially since the satellite/aerial photos now include areas outside the USA. What's cooler than seeing shipwrecks, Disneyland or Teotihuacán?

Not all places allow you to zoom all the way in, but you'll definitely want to with Google Moon!

Oh, and apparently Google Maps has helped someone fight a traffic ticket...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kinda like CatBlogging

Am I a catblogger, if I link to someone else's catblogging? And, um... It's fertility related because there's a chart comparing the benefits of a kitten, puppy, baby and new video card... Yeah! That's it.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Catenema.com: Do NOT Try This at Home!

Catenema.com: Do NOT Try This at Home!

This just about gave Akeeyu an asthma attack.

Akeeyu (reading over my shoulder): Actually it did... Where's my inhaler?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fertitily Fun at the Supermarket

So, Akeeyu and I were at the supermarket, picking up some vegetable oil for dinner. The last time we went shopping for vegetable oil, we were looking for a lubricant that wouldn't impact our chances of conceiving. We settled on an Organic Canola Oil for that task. This time, we were just using it in our FryDaddy. If you were in the supermarket near us, you'd have had the pleasure of overhearing this exchange:

Akeeyu: "What kind do you think we need? Peanut? Canola?"
Sam: "Alton Brown says Peanut Oil for frying."
Akeeyu: "Ahh... (in that "Good god, did he bring up Alton Brown again?" tone)
Sam: "Hey... Organic Peanut Oil. Should we get the organic stuff?"
Akeeyu: (Loudly and slightly exasperated) "Jeez, Sam, we're cooking with it, not fucking with it!"

Ahh... Good times!

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